Summer Trend to follow and what not to do this month

There is so much to follow from with the raging style trends from all over the world! How to sort and choose from? It entirely depends on the kind of demography your dwell in, if you live in a hot and humid metropolitan, your catch summer trend with Tropical in white or tropical with denim, pastels and other anti-fit clothing. Let us have a look in detail,

DO these,

Dare to Bare the Shoulders

cold shoulder top

This summer is all about modification of fashion, deep contrasts and mix and match is totally in. Different variations of sleeves are also open for experimentation. You should also look into various types of shoulder styles like cut shoulders, off shoulders, strike one shoulder cut. Laces on the trim of the shoulder is also favored, all inclusive under experimentation. Bare that shoulder straight with tops, dresses and anything that you feel is right for the summer!

Denim Dress Done

Get that Denim dress right back on and add belt, rage the streets with sunglasses and sneakers! There are just so many things that you can do with denim. Get one with denim retro for the season and break bold by combining with prints, embroideries and large prints. Make denim your versatile partner for summer.

Summer Trend New Hue


New hue is the pastel hue, get your hands on some pastel punch from this year’s summer trends. Pastel base in peach, pink, tropical blue, olive are your go to colors for the summer. Ring some prints on your pastel base with a hint of summer. Your beautiful evening attire should include some golden accessory shimmer to make the pastel balance rich.

White In sight










One of the most sought after color in this new hot season. White in lace, white in checks and white in embroidery are all in right now. You must align white in elegance with some print chaos. A simple lace white top with a block printed long skirt, or a tropical printed top with a white slim fit jeans. You can also you white in sneakers and accessories, pick white in frill shorts or tank top to match with your paisley print bottom-wear!

Lace Light



The new refreshing summer trend belongs to the refreshing lace. Lace that is have sewn or only towards the back are very much in popular demand for the season. You can also look for some chic lace to compliment your denims. I would suggest a toned white lace off shoulder frill top with tropical printed palazzo with a hint of heels for your beach evenings.

DO NOT these,

Spare Tight Clothes

Avoid skin fit tops and dresses, you are going to burn yourself and the onlookers. Leathers are a strict no no too, however you can try on with light boots as they are totally in sync with the summer trends. Misfit, anti fit and amoeba clothing are out there to fill up your wardrobe for the summers.  Just wave away from stick clothing and tight wears.


Halters are a big retro hit and were on for the last season, however this year summer trend is completely non halter. Make it a point to stay away from halters and especially the most generic trend of hatching a halter crop top ith a flowy skirt or palazzo. Just let go of it!

Crop Top

Nope, no crop top which is fit for the season. Wear engaging anti fit crop top is absolutely necessary and you have to. Anti-fit is totally in with aspiring bottom-wear of prints or solid texture.

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