Avid. Awesome. Amaze.

Avid is our haves. Awesome is our way and Amaze is how we make you a MsFQ. A woman of amplified Fashion Quotient, a woman of dreams and a woman of self assertion. We believe in the chorus of ultra chic and modern, we deliver best through the similar essence. It is only in the bliss width of MSFQ to be fashionably exact. MsFQ is our initiative that blings with the idea of blended you. Your fashion and your essence to be contemporarily sound and efficient.

The Alchemy of MsFQ

MsFQ is nowhere less, she is more and more of energy and eccentricity- she is a picture of perfection. Her fashion sensibilities are firm with her charisma. We aid in the service to the MsFq’s of the world, we aid in delivering best to the best. MsFQ is a chime of street elegance, she is the motor of lace and a aficionado of all great styles.

Stay Young with us

We deliver what is elegant in the youth, we deliver street dreams and fashion expertise of the New Young. We strongly believe in the Fashion Quotient of Perfection and we seek you in the new avatar of your personal best.

Glimpse your best self with Us!